Nutrifor distributes dietary supplements developed and approved by the world of science and medicine. Many health professionals who take a more global approach recommend these nutriceuticals.

These nutriceuticals are part of a global "approach" to nutrition in response to dietary imbalances.

We are living through a nutritional and medical paradox!

Before the mid-20th century, we had a healthier, less extensive and less abundant diet. Medicine endeavoured to fight epidemics...

The post-war period, with its industrialisation of food, allowed for an abundance in the diet, but its quality was adulterated by, among other things, fertilisers, pesticides and pollution, thus weakening our "metabolic terrain". Functional pathologies leading to organic disorders referred to as "diseases of civilisation" emerged.

Excess in terms of quantity and, above all, the deficiencies in quality of our food intake deprive our organisms of a whole range of nutrients that are essential for it to function properly.

Has our genetic heritage adapted to our current dietary lifestyle?

Analysis of the mechanisms of the appearance of functional pathologies is the basis of nutritional medicine. By correcting poor eating habits and by supplementing your diet with Nutrifor nutriceuticals, you will optimise the functions of your cells, tissues and organs with the aim of preventing and alleviating diseases, in other words, your HEALTH.

Intestinal permeability disorders, detoxification of the cells, inflammation control, boosting of the immunity, regulation of eating behaviour and of the oestrogenic metabolism are crucially important points to which Nutrifor will provide a response.